Solarcentric Technologies

Hybrid Solar Power & Energy Efficiency Retrofits (H-SPEER)


This is our flagship project through which we are investing $50 million dollars over the next five (5) years into captive power generation in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Solar PV hybrid is employed as technology of choice to lower cost of self-generation and to become more environmentally friendly. Our main business model is build, own & operate (BOO) with Solar Services Agreement (SSA) or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) executed with off-takers.

Primary Target Markets include

  1. Commercial & Industrial clients whose demand is below 1MW.
  2. Commercial & Industrial clients whose demand is above 1MW.

Project Impact – Phase 1, Year 2018/2019.

  • GDP: Over $1million rev/annum
  • Investment $(NGN): $8,040,000
  • Generation Capacity – 5MWp
  • Jobs: 700 – 1000

Social Impact

  • Location – Nationwide – distributed energy to replace self-generated power within the commercial and industrial sectors (C&I) by combining energy efficiency and renewable energy (solar primarily).
  • Sustainability – Our primary implementation approach is to consider rooftops before ground mounted systems for solar array. Solar hybrid systems shaves off diesel thereby reducing carbon footprint significantly.
  • 5MW of solar eradicates 154 Metric Tons of Green House Gas per annum.
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